Tayside Airgun Club March Update

Hi Folks

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes in past couple of months, so here is the first of what I hope will be regular updates.

The track - I know that many of you are concerned about the state of the track up to the course. We have spoken to Gavin, our landlord, but maintenance of the track is entirely the responsibility of the company carrying out the landfill and dumping operations. Unfortunately, neither Gavin nor the Club have any say in the matter and realistically, the committee can do no more.

The Tankies land - On the subject of the course and its surroundings, we understand that the Tankies have definitely left the site. They should be clearing the land at some time in the near future and we are considering whether to try to take over at least some of it. This would be a major job, especially if the land still needs clearing and, as with most things in this club, the issue is not likely to be the cost, but the availability of people to do the work. I’ll keep you informed of any developments.

Work Parties – Now the weather is getting better, or at least the days getting longer, and the shoot calendar is out, work parties will be needed both generally to get the course up and running, and to prepare for the shoots which are scheduled for 29 March, 19 July and 4 October. Please watch out for details of what is needed and when, and please come along and help if you possibly can.

The Barn – Work has started to improve the shooting facilities in the barn. The shooting platform has now been secured so it is much more stable and although there is no way the barn roof itself can be made waterproof, work is in hand to install a false roof over the bench area. A new shooting bench is being planned and will be the next phase of the project. The new bench will be higher and deeper than the existing one.

Benchrest league – the new 25m benchrest league has started and results will be posted on the website in the barn, and in the hut. 10 people have started, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t join in. Speak to Alan Walker or Gavin Wemyss if you are interested.

The new website – the new website – – is up and running, thanks largely to the efforts of one of our newer members, Paul Cockrell. I will make sure it is as up to date as possible. Please visit the site regularly, I would suggest at least once a week, as it is one of the main ways to find out what is going on.

Safe shooting.

Alan Walker

Vice Chairman